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Genjou Sanzou is from Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Blast, and is the property of Kazuya Minekura. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Sanzou, as he is commonly called, is a somewhat corrupt Buddhist monk who hails from the Palace of the Rising Sun in Chang'an. Sanzou's story is an extreme reimaging of the Chinese classic Journey to the West, and Sanzou himself is a somewhat darker image of the novel's hero, variously referred to as Xuanzang or Tripitaka, depending on what translation you're reading from. Sanzou is approximately 5'11" tall, has rather shaggy blond hair and droopy violet eyes. He habitually wears full robes, although if he's feeling more relaxed (or is in combat) he'll slip the sleeves off to reveal a black leather sleeveless top and long gloves. Sanzou also habitually wears jeans beneath his robes. He will always be wearing the Maten Sutra around his shoulders, and often smells of dirt, sweat, blood, gunpowder, beer, and cigarette smoke. The first three are due to his being on a cross-country trip from China to India, as in the Journey to the West, and thus being incapable of regular bathing, a fact which offends him. (Sanzou, unlike his counterpart travels not by foot, but instead by a Jeep, which spends its time when not driving Sanzou and his companions around as a small white dragon called Hakuryuu.) Sanzou is a constant smoker and is always carrying around his Smith and Wesson banishing gun in his voluminous sleeves. Woe betide any who seek to get in between him, a beer, and a bath.

Occasionally, Sanzou will enter the bar from ten years prior to the main story in order to reflect the original manga's somewhat nonlinear nature. When that happens, he won't recognize anyone he knows as an adult and will go by the name Kouryuu (however, the adult Sanzou will recognize people he's met as Kouryuu.)

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